Pack or sell?

Yes, this is a tricky one, and still is for me. I am in the process of getting rid of everything and starting over here. This is definitely a personal decision and totally depends on your circumstances. Here are just a couple of reasons for me. I’m sure I will write much more about it later.

First, I know I want to travel the world. I hope to actually live in one to six different countries a year, for a couple of years or so, to get a better understanding of life and perhaps choose another place to live permanently. Become a nomad, of sorts. How do I know I won’t love somewhere else even more if I don’t visit it for a month or two? So that means not having a lot of stuff to worry about. I continue to downsize as I have for the last ten years or so. Only the last few years, by choice!

Second, what I have left of furnishings are all huge, American style furniture. I have saved my favorite, custom pieces which continue to close in on me as I downsize. They wouldn’t even fit in a city-sized apartment in the U.S., let alone in Europe! And I have a couple of closets full of clothes and shoes and bags. American excess that I am finding to be a drag on my new way of life. No, this excess of things is no longer exclusive to the U.S. But I am making a conscious choice. It’s travel or “things” and I am choosing travel.