About me

Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m thrilled to be living out my travel dreams and becoming a stronger, more independent female. I am quenching my thirst for adventure, making surprising discoveries and getting excited about traveling to even more exotic places. However, my story doesn’t start out with rainbows and unicorns. Just keep in mind it’s been a long journey, but I have to believe, ultimately worth the pain to get here.


I am a midwestern U.S. female of a certain age, too old to be starting over. ¬†After a surprise and devastating¬†divorce, I was lost. After recovering from depression, I did a lot of soul-searching and decided to pursue a lifelong goal of international travel. At first, I would travel with a friend. But often, when single, you find your friends can’t or don’t want to go exactly where you want to go and do what you want to do. With a shattered self-image, I was used to and willing to let others take the lead. But as I got stronger and began to find myself again, I started taking a more active role in planning my trips. I, sadly, even had to end a later relationship because he changed his mind about international travel. I became determined not to sacrifice my own needs and dreams again, for a relationship with someone who wouldn’t do the same for me.

I started with a few different countries in western Europe but continued to find myself drawn to Spain. I felt such an affinity for it that I decided to move there! I love Spain and have had some great adventures there. Getting there and staying longer than just a tourist has been a great learning experience. Alas, I found that Spain’s law didn’t love me back. Because of a particularly punitive law, (even the European Council has said it’s unfair to expats) I have chosen to move to Portugal.

So, here I am, writing about my life and travels abroad. I know it’s cliche, but SO true…if I can do this, anyone can!! I hope my writing inspires you to follow your dreams. Especially for any other single females, of any age, who never thought they could accomplish something like this on their own.

My goal with this blog is to help anyone thinking of making a similar move. Or at least, give you a laugh or two… Look around, check out the site, ask me any questions. Not much is off-limits.

Read away, and get ready for an interesting adventure!