Need an exit? This can help.

With a Trump presidency, many people are worried, upset or panicked about what may happen next. If so, you may have a new interest in moving abroad or somewhere out of the United States. Relocating, full or part time, may become a serious possibility for lots of Americans. If you are one of them, take a deep breath and know that there are resources to help you take a look at moving out of the country.

Making a move off U.S. soil is not a new concept. Lots of people have been looking, researching and moving for a while now. More and more people, especially Baby Boomers, have been looking at their options for living a less restrictive and less expensive life outside of the U.S. Such places as Central and South America have been gaining an influx of Americans for several years. Combined with the strength of the dollar and the decline of other currencies, it has been making sense for the last couple of years that anyone nervous about U.S. policy or a president would be checking out alternatives. Europe has become a very attractive option as the cost of living is favorable in many areas and the lifestyle is similar to the U.S. That is, very first-world and an easy transition to make.

But you don’t have to uproot all at once. You need to make sure you’ve thought through a move and understand what it entails. It isn’t an all or nothing proposal, either. Some people invest in a property overseas. Some people start with extended vacations in an area they are interested in. Like snowbirds to Florida, Texas or Mexico, some just go a little further out, like Panama, Columbia or Spain. And then, some move from part time to full time and others just pick up everything and take the plunge.

If you’re thinking of moving because of the recent elections, really think hard about what you hope to accomplish. Make sure you understand that there is paperwork and expense and some logistical challenges to a move. It’s also a different mindset as a guest in another country. On the other hand, if this wasn’t your first time thinking about expanding your living or investing situation and you make a move, it doesn’t have to be forever. I have always thought of my move as a great adventure, one I’ve always had a yearning for but wasn’t able to realize until later in life. But should my circumstances change significantly, I would rethink my options. Few things in life are completely unchangeable.

So, if you still are interested in looking at a move, especially to Europe and specifically, southern Europe like Spain or Portugal, this blog should be a great resource for you! I have done all the research before making a move and my decision and process has been gradual and thought out. But if you want to move more quickly than that, just follow the same steps in more rapid succession! Read through, ask questions and check out the blog. Let me know what else you want to know. You’re not the first, nor will you be the last, to be interested in a life that includes time outside the United States. We all love our home country. We will always be Americans. But some of us also want to see how others live. We can all learn from each other. Whatever your motivation, now is a great time to experience the rest of the world!

Your Takeaway – If you are looking at making a move, whether part or full time, outside of the United States, now is a great time. The dollar is strong and many other countries are welcoming Americans and others with favorable laws. No matter what life stage you are in right now, others are already making a change. And there are great resources to help you every step of this new journey. Check out my blog and let me know if you’d like more help. If I can do it as a single female, you know you can as well!

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