Treasure every experience

Travel is about experiences. You hope to learn about each new place you visit and the bonus is that you tend to learn more about yourself, as well. Travel is also about the people you meet, the friendships you create and the wonderful relationships that wouldn’t otherwise have happened.

Of course, as you travel, sometimes you lose track of some of those people. It’s inevitable. It’s sad. You will have new experiences and sometimes, the people you have them with are at least half of the fun. You get to share a special time with someone that has great meaning to you in that moment. But sometimes, as you move on to new adventures, you lose touch with some of the individuals that made it special and shared some memories with you.

img-20160618-wa006  It’s wonderful when you start a friendship that builds and grows over time. But many times you were brought together by circumstances, and one or both of you just aren’t able to keep in touch with the other. Try to hold on to as many of your new friends as you can. Sometimes, you even meet more or other people through them that become even closer to you than the original friend.

Either way, your new friendships can be just as important as your friends and relatives back home. Especially if they are with you on a regular basis, as most are. They have helped you get through situations, listen to your trials and triumphs, and enrich every day or experience you go through together. Treasure them. Thank them. Memorialize your time with photos and video. Relive your favorite times. Remember that we are all going through life trying to make the most of our time. Make sure to be a good friend to them. Give back any way that you can. Understand your differences and agree to disagree, if you must. But listen actively. Help make the world a better place by understanding and seeing that we are all more alike than different.

dsc01744  Even if you can’t physically be near each other anymore, –maybe one of you has moved for a job or a new relationship or a new chapter of life, try to keep track of one another. Drop each other a text once in a while, stay Facebook friends or LinkedIn to one another. You might actually meet up again in a different city for both of you, on vacation or if the one who left moves back. Perhaps they will have a relative coming to visit the area you live, and you could be their tour guide. Life is fun that way. When you pay it forward it always seems that you benefit in some way even more.

Your Takeaway – Just remember to value those who have helped you on your journey through life. Sometimes our paths cross with others that enrich our lives in significant ways, whether for years or just a few great moments. Celebrate them and keep them in your heart. That’s what makes our travel, and life, overflow with amazing experiences and memories. And I’ll take that over money any day.

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