What to do…what to do….buy, sell, rent or ?

Sometimes it’s good to have a lot of time to think and sometimes you just think yourself into circles. Take, for example, my stay in the U.S. as I wait for my Portuguese visa. At first, I was sure I was going to put my house on the market to sell (again). Since it sold quickly the first time, it seemed like the right move.

Then, I was approached to consider renting my home out. Actually, I hadn’t considered renting it out since a friend of mine decided not to rent it. But here I had a willing, interested renter. I liked the idea of getting some revenue while I kept my asset for a while longer. Ultimately, though, I felt that the stress of being a long distance landlord, or landlord of any kind for the first time, was more than I wanted to deal with. So I passed on that opportunity.

You have to feel for my realtor. After coming up with a marketing plan and a few more home improvements to sell quickly, I had to tell him that I might rent out the place for a while. Then, I had to tell him about my next big idea. After remembering when I last home-shopped, I decided to down-size but still keep a home in Kansas City. Since I am living here part of the year, it just makes sense to have a place, if I can keep my costs down.

Proud of myself for coming up with a clever solution to most of my home issues, I now have to speak to my realtor….again! It seems my son has decided to use my current townhome as his home to put him closer to work. I’m happy to be able to help him out, I’m just not sure how I will handle the timing of selling this place to downsize, while he is living here. He won’t be crazy about putting up with home showings, and I’m not sure how I will coordinate a move from out of the country.

Part of my challenge has to do with the new home I’m looking to purchase. I really am only looking at one particular condo complex. So until something becomes available there, I don’t want to put my home on the market in case it sells quickly and my son has nowhere to go. But when I find something, I will probably need to move quickly. Inevitably, I will most likely have to hold two mortgages to get the place I want while waiting for my current place to sell. Hang on a minute. Wasn’t I trying to save money by downsizing?

Then, the fun begins! I will somehow have to coordinate getting everything out that my son will be using to live in the current place and moving it to the new place. While being out of the country. Hmmmm. This should be very interesting! So goes the life of a citizen living in more than one country…

Your Takeaway – ¬†Sometimes you have to get creative to achieve your objectives both in your home country and your new one. But don’t get discouraged. Sometimes it might seem as though it does take twice as much work to live in two or more places.¬† It can be a challenge, but in the end, it will be worth the trouble to have the best of both worlds!!

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